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Roof Moss Removal Services

You have the great British climate to thank for all that unsightly moss, algae and lichen that’s thriving on your roof. But that moss can cause more problems than you may realise from damage to the roofing structure, broken tiles and even blocked gutters and downpipes.

Your deteriorating roof could cost a substantial amount to repair plus lead to other problems such as blocked gutters and downpipes if you don’t take care of it.

Here's where Clear Shine can help. We provide a quality, professional biocide non-pressure roof cleaning service at a competitive rate.


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More about our Roof Cleaning Services

Moss Scraping System
Biocide Treatment
No Pressure Washing
Long Lasting Results

Specialist scraping equipment is used to remove excess moss, lichen and algae from your roof tiles.

Continuing to work for months after application, we use a high-grade biocide treatment to impregnate your roof tiles and stop spores germinating.

With our method, there is no need for pressure washing which could cause damage to your tiles.

Results can vary but with a professional roof clean, you can expect your roof to stay moss free for up to three years.

What causes roof moss growth?

Moss is fast-growing, spread by the spores it releases and is much more likely on damp, cool surfaces that see little sunlight. For this reason, you’ll find north-facing roofs are especially prone to it. Even the type of roof tile can affect moss growth with some materials more porous and therefore more susceptible.


With regular maintenance, you can tackle your moss problem but there are a few ways you can minimise moss regrowth. As seeds are often spread by branches, sticks, and twigs that drop onto your roof, cutting back those overhanging trees is a win-win and will allow for more sunlight exposure too.

We’d recommend keeping on top of gutter clearing too will help as that damp and dirty drainage system is a prime location for moss growth that spreads.

What problems can roof moss cause?

Moss is more than just unsightly, it is highly moisture absorbent and will capture that moisture trying to leave your roof. Wet moss is especially heavy, putting excess pressure on your roof structure made worse by the fact moss likes to grow between tiles and can even lift them up, exposing your roofing structure to the elements. Those winter months can be even more troublesome with the thawing of frozen moss leading to cracks in your roof tiles.

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