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Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Noticed your solar panel energy production has dropped? It could be time for a professional solar panel clean.

The more light that hits your panels, the more power you generate. Unfortunately the build-up of dust, dirt, leaves, sticky sap, lichen and pesky bird droppings that don’t simply wash off with the rain can all affect overall effectiveness. Your solar panels can even be more prone to this depending upon their angle.


Protect your investment and keep your energy production at the highest possible level with our Solar Panel Cleaning service. We’ll have you back at optimal performance in no time!

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More About Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services

100% Pure Water

Essential to solar panel cleaning, 100% pure water is specially filtered to all remove impurities, eliminating watermarks which attract dust and dirt.

Water-fed Pole System

Our specialist water-fed pole system allows us to efficiently clean your solar panels from the safety of the ground with pure water pumped along the pole.

Specialist Brushes

Protecting your solar panels when they're cleaned required very specific brush attachments to prevent scratches and ensure a superior clean.

No Harmful Chemicals

There are no harmful chemicals required to get your solar panels gleaming once again.

Safe & Risk Assessed

Safe and professional, we carry out a risk assessment to establish safe access.

Free Quotations

Our no-obligation quotes are quick and easy, we'll simply pop round to measure up and discuss the job.

Why should I get my solar panels professionally cleaned?

Solar panels with a build-up of dirt limits the amount of sunlight reaching the cells. The result is a loss of efficiency, reduced solar panel lifespan and overall poorer system performance - this could be up to 35% after two years! Not only will this impact on the return of your solar panel investment, it could affect any remaining manufacturer warranty.


#With regular solar panel cleaning, you can ensure continued maximum output and extend the life of your investment whilst protecting your warranty and saving yourself money in the long run.

Get in touch

If you're interested to find out more about our Solar Panel Cleaning services or would like a no-obligation quote, get in touch.

Thanks, we'll be in touch soon!

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