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Payment Options

We request payment within seven days of your clean. To make payment as easy and convenient for our customers as possible, we accept credit/ debit cards, bank transfer and even automated payments. 

Register for GoCardless - our regular payment service

As local banks close and business banking moves online, we're offering our valued customers a regular payment service thanks to GoCardless, a Financial Conduct Authority authorised payment service provider.


How does GoCardless work?
  • Safe and easy to use, GoCardless is a service we provide to you free of charge

  • When your regular window clean is completed, a payment of your usual amount will be activated by us within 24 hours of the clean

  • The payment will show on your statement as GoCardless LTD REF: CLEARSHINE

  • If your clean is delayed (e.g. due to severe weather, illness etc), please rest assured you will only be charged once it has been completed - GoCardless is not a direct debit and needs to be activated in order to be processed each time by us

Ready to sign up to GoCardless?
  • Fill in the first line of your address and press 'Pay with GoCardless' to be taken to the next page where a few details will finish the process

  • You'll receive an email confirming your registration and we'll also receive notification that you've signed up

  • From then on, each time after we have completed your clean we will activate a payment

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